October 19, 2014
Game #2 home series against Arborg this afternoon was good but not great, losing the lead in the third period with 2 quick goals in 1 minute. North Stars tender #1 Brendan McLeod saw 41 shots for the lost, 8 to 5.

Goals come from #7 Kenley Monias with 2 goals, #19 Glen Paupanekis, #8 Sam McKay and #9 Braedan Boschman with a single and 1 assist.

Other assist went to #18 Hart, #2 K. Scott and with 2 assists, #10 Gregory Paupanekis.

Next game will be on the road on October 30th in OCN, November 1 in Lundar and November 2 in Peguis.
October 18, 2014
Home Opener for the 2014-15 season was successful as the North Stars defeated the visiting Arborg Ice Dawgs with a score of 8-6 and winning goaltender, #4 Sean Bradburn won this game for his late grandfather David Bradburn Sr. #34 Bradburn faced 47 shots for the win!

Tonight's game saw both #8 Sam McKay and #9 Braedan Boschman scoring 2 goals and with 1 helper. 2 points come from #10 Gregory Paupanekis and Goals from #15 Austin Ross, #43 Mitchell Muskego, and an empty net goal from #18 Brendon Hart.

Other North Stars players assisted with 2 helpers #7 Kenley Monias, #3 Cody Spence and 1 assist from #19 Glen Paupanekis and newly acquired solid blueliner, #4 Alfred Anderson coming home to play his final year with your North Stars.

Join us again tomorrow at 1:30PM, as your North Stars take on the Ice Dawgs.
October 13, 2014
Well, with 2 lines and 2 tenders it was a huge loss for the North Stars, time to re-evaluate.

Both tenders saw 72 shots in today's performance and all the players hung in there to the last second #northernpride

"Success" is how high you bounce back when you hit bottom...unknown author
October 11, 2014
First game of the season didn't fair too well, with only 15 committed players on this road trip to Winnipeg Satelites home opener. #1 Brendan McLeod between the pipes, he stopped 45 of 51 shots while our North Stars got 23 of 23. The North Stars played very well despite the loss. Next game will be on Sunday against the Selkirk Fishermen at 2:30. Join us!
September 29, 2014
Well, visited OCN Storm on Sunday to return an exhibition game and the North Stars were successful in defeating the Storm with a score of 5-3.

Goaltenders #1 Brendan McLeod and #34 Sean Bradburn did very well in splitting the roles. #1 stopped 22 of 24 shots and #34 stopped 16 of 19 shots as your North Stars were still out-shot 38 to 20. There was one goal in the latter part of the game that looked like it was kicked in but turned over.

We had goals from: #5 Braedan Boschman netting 2 goals, #19 Glen Paupanekis had a goal & 1 assist, #10 Gregory Paupanekis added a goal and an assist as well, #20 Jameson Scott also scored on the first goal. Other assists include; #23 Henry Muminawatum and #24 Preston Wesley, both added their first point as a Jr North Star.

It was a great game throughout the 60 minutes of play, and thanks to teammates for the great support; Greg McLeod, Jared Gore and Kevin Folster who did not play.

Next game will be on the road on Oct. 11th vs Winnipeg Satelites and the 12th vs Selkirk Fishermen.
September 25, 2014
First Exhibition game of 2014-25 KJHL season versus the OCN Storm at home is in the books. It was a high scoring affair, with 5 different goal scorers; #19 Glen Paupanekis scoring 2 goals and 1 assist, 2 point night for; #20 Kevin Folster and #9 Garrison Garrioch each getting a goal and 1 assist. While #15 Austin Ross, netting 1 goal and the other goal come from #12 Wally Towers-Apetagon. Assists come from #8 Sam McKay, #6 Tie Braun and #11 Mitchell Simpson
Shots for our tenders include: #1 Brendan McLeod stopping 12 of 14, #29 Jared Gore 12 of 16, and #34 Greg McLeod 16 of 20 shots. As the North Stars were out-shot 40 to 27 in the loss with a score of 10 to 6.
Next Exhibition Game will be in OCN on Sunday at 2:30PM. Come support the North Stars!

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OCN vs Norway House

October 30, 8:00PM


Team pts
Fishermen 4
Satelites 4
Storm 4
Juniors 2
Falcons 0
North Stars 0
Ice Dawgs 0
Warriors 0
Hawks 0
Updated: October 15, 2014 11:40 PM PDT